The Repsol Honda Team has managed this Sunday its fourth consecutive victory in the championship of Spain which was held in Carnota, A Coruña.

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Toni Bou


This year is going well so far. It was hard to win last year this championship and this season we are doing things very well; is a good sign to have won all four races. The trial seemed easy but the rain that felt yesterday complicated it a bit. I made a mistake in section 2 and section 6, in one easy step, but in the last sections I have done very well and have widened the gap with the second to end with a good victory.

Jaime Busto


I'm a little disappointed with myself. I failed a lot, too. I should have stopped a bit to understand what has been what I was doing wrong. I don't know, I couldn't explain it yet. I will do another lap to the course to try to find the answer. I'm not happy at all.

CET 2016
Trial Round CET4 , Trial 1   Carnota

Clasificación Trial de Carnota

Pos. Rider Num Nation L1 L2 L3 T3 Points Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 Bou Toni 1 SPA 11 3 20 Repsol Honda Team Montesa 14
2 Casales Jorge 6 SPA 17 5 17 Beta Factory Racing Beta 22
3 Raga Adam 2 SPA 18 7 15 TRS Factory Team TRS 25
4 Fajardo Jeroni 3 SPA 10 11 6 13 Vertigo Factory Team Vertigo 27
5 Gelabert Miquel 7 SPA 15 12 11 Sherco Sherco 27
6 Cabestany Albert 4 SPA 17 4 1 10 Sherco Factory Team Sherco 32
7 Busto Jaime 5 SPA 25 11 9 Repsol Honda Team Montesa 36
8 Farre Arnau 19 SPA 40 33 8 8 Gas Gas Factory Team Gas Gas 81
9 Noguera Oriol 8 SPA 47 41 9 7 MRW Limit Motos Montesa Montesa 97
Location Information

Carnota, La Coruña, España - View in Google Maps