The young Galician rider Gabriel Marcelli (04/02/2000) will make his debut in the Repsol Honda Team in 2022. The rider joins the team after a successful Trial2 career where he was proclaimed world champion in 2019, followed by two solid seasons in TrialGP.

Gabriel Marcelli

Career Information

2021 7th TrialGP World Championship, 4th X-Trial World Championship, 3rd Spanish Championship
2020 6th TrialGP World Championship, 7th X-Trial World Championship, 4th Spanish Championship
2019 Trial2 World Champion, European Champion, 9th X-Trial World Championship6th Spanish Championship
2018 3rd Trial2 World Championship, 9th Spanish Championship
2017 2nd Trial2 World Championship, TR2 Spanish Champion
2016 Galician Trial champion
2015 Spanish Junior Champion, Galician Trial champion
2014 Spanish Cadete Champion
2013 Spanish Juvenil Champion

Rider Statistics

Date of birth 4 February 2000
Place of birth O Rosal (Pontevedra, Spain)
Nationality Spanish
Place of residence Seva (Barcelona, Spain)
Weight 74 kg
Height 177 cm

More Stats & Facts

Debut TrialGP: Isola 2000 (France), 2018. 12th place
First Podium: Pobladura de las Regueras (Spain), 2020. 3rd place