The Repsol Honda Team has achieved in the Trial of Baiona third win of the season in the Championship of Spain of Trial, which serves to again lead the local competition.

Toni Bou


It was a good present. I'm happy with the race today, it has gone very well. I was a little worried because in the Spanish championship if you win, you start in front at the next race and that is something difficult. Today I've been opening all sections but nevertheless I think I did a good race, intelligent and without error; very good. The rain has put a bit more complicated, but I've only made a couple of mistakes and I was able to control the race.
I'll get to the last race in Cal Rosal, as a leader, and I'm happy about it. It will be another tough race, but I really want to have a good race to close the season.
It's a shame the disqualification of Jeroni, having finished second, because what happened was silly. For me it would have been important had been placed between Raga and myself.

Jaime Busto


The race has not left as I would have liked. I do not know what it was exactly, but from the first section that have not gone things well. I was not comfortable. Not in sections that were nice and not at all difficult. I do not know. I have not finished entering the race and when I wanted to retrieve the error I could not. I look forward to the final round to forget this race.

CET 2015
Trial Round E6 , Trial 1   Baiona

Clasificación Trial de Baiona

Pos. Rider Num Nation L1 L2 L3 T3 Champ Team Constructor Points
1 Bou Toni 1 SPA 2 0 20 Repsol Honda Team Montesa 2
2 Raga Adam 4 SPA 6 8 17 TRRS Factory Team TRRS 14
3 Cabestany Albert 3 SPA 17 6 15 Sherco Factory Team Sherco 23
4 Casales Jorge 5 SPA 16 7 13 Beta Beta 23
5 Busto Jaime 8 SPA 17 18 11 Repsol Honda Team Montesa 35
6 Gelabert Miquel 15 SPA 25 30 10 Sherco Sherco 55
7 Noguera Oriol 7 SPA 28 28 9 Montesa Montesa 56
8 Farre Arnau 19 SPA 32 35 8 Gas Gas Gas Gas 67
9 Fajardo Jeroni 2 SPA 0 Beta Factory Racing Beta
10 Tarres Pol 6 SPA 0 Sherco Factory Team Sherco
Location Information

Baiona, Vigo, Pontevedra, España - View in Google Maps