Barcelona’s majestic Palau Sant Jordi hosts the fourth event of the 2015 FIM X-Trial World Championship, with overall leader Toni Bou and Repsol Honda Team eager to put on a display for the home crowd.

Toni Bou comes to the FIM X-Trial World Championship this weekend determined to retake top-spot on the rostrum and boost yet further his advantage at the head of the general rankings. Bou will be looking to put the recent Pau, France experience behind him, after his mammoth five-year winning streak of twenty-eight consecutive victories finally faded. Even so, the Spanish ace can rest assured that his ground-breaking record will be a near-impossible feat to surmount.

The Barcelona course is, by tradition, a highly-demanding, technical one for both rider and machine; Toni Bou knows only too well, having notched up more triumphs in the Palau Sant Jordi than anyone.

38th Indoor Trial in Barcelona
Barcelona’s Indoor Trial remains the most veteran of the discipline – the first edition took place back in 1978 – and will kick off Sunday, March 8 at 17:00 hrs. During the most recent editions, the trial timetable has been interspersed with an Enduro Indoor competition. As a consequence, the X-Trial semi-final is set to commence at 17:38 with the riders looking to tackle five daunting sections. The winner of the X-Trial season’s fourth event will be battled out over a six-zone final scheduled to get underway at 19:10 hrs.

Jaime Busto set to make his Montesa X-Trial Championship debut
Rookie Jaime Busto will be making a first appearance in Barcelona with Repsol Honda Team livery as the organisation’s wild card. The Basque novice and current champion of the World Cup (World Junior Championship) will also be making his first ever X-Trial outing.


     *  Toni Bou, with 8 wins, is the most-garlanded rider in Barcelona’s Trial Indoor
     *  Montesa has achieved the greatest number of victories in Barcelona with a total of 13 wins
     *  Toni Bou is the rider with the highest number of wins in X-Trial world championships (Trial Indoor): 43
     *  Toni Bou was the second youngest champion of Trial Indoor (20 years, 4 months, 9 days)

Toni Bou

I’m looking forward to this world championship test, as the Barcelona X-Trial is the most emblematic of Trial Indoor, as well as being the oldest and the most demanding of the calendar. It will be a really hard-fought one, given that the rivals - in particular Adam Raga - are on top form at the moment; so I’ll have to really put in some special preparation for this competition.

Location Information

First edition 1978
Location Palau Sant Jordi (from 1991)
Seats 15.000 (all seats full)
Organization RPM-MKTG

Palau Sant Jordi, Passeig Olímpic, Barcelona, España - View in Google Maps


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