Location Information
Race format (until 2019) 15 sections x 2 laps
Race format (2021) 12 sections x 2 laps

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Podium 2019 Toni Bou (1) - Adam Raga (2) - Jorge Casales (3)
Podium 2018 Toni Bou - Jeroni Fajardo - Jaime Busto
Podium 2015 - day2- Toni Bou - Adam Raga - Albert Cabestany
Podium 2015 - day1- Toni Bou - Adam Raga - Jeroni Fajardo
Podium 2010 - day2- Takahisa Fujinami - Albert Cabestany - Adam Raga
Podium 2010 - day1- Toni Bou - Albert Cabestany - Adam Raga
Podium 2009 Toni Bou - Adam Raga - Albert Cabestany
Podium 2008 Toni Bou - Jeroni Fajardo - Adam Raga
Podium 2006 Takahisa Fujinami - Adam Raga - Dougie Lampkin
Trial of Nations 2021
Trial   Gouveia

Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou has won yet another new title, this time as part of a team. Bou, along with the other components of the Real Federación Española de Motoclismo team, secured the Trial des Nations title held in Portugal. The Portuguese town of Gouveia played host to the twenty-four… read more.

TrialGP 2021
Trial Round WORLD6   Gouveia

The Repsol Honda Team rider has been proclaimed the 2021 TrialGP World Champion. Toni Bou – who also won the day’s trial in Portugal – takes his GP palmares to 125 triumphs and 15 consecutive TrialGP titles, plus 14 indoor: 29 championship wins for the greatest rider of all time. The Repsol… read more.

TrialGP 2021
Trial Round WORLD6   Gouveia

Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou has now been officially proclaimed TrialGP World Champion after finish the last round of the calendar in first position, here in Portugal. The Repsol Honda Team rider needed only one point to mathematically sealed the TrialGP World Championship title, the 15th in the outdoor… read more.

TrialGP 2021
Preview Round WORLD6   Gouveia

‘Fujigas’, Repsol Honda Team’s charismatic Japanese rider, will put an end to a very lengthy sporting career with a final participation in the TrialGP World Championship to be held in Gouveia this Saturday. After 26 seasons in the Trial World Championship, a record number of participations, 168 podiums, 34 victories,… read more.

TrialGP 2019
Trial Round TGP5, Race   Gouveia

Gouveia is a lucky charm for Toni Bou. At the same location last year the champ celebrated his 100th victory in TrialGP world championships. Today he was once again on the top of the podium, this time taking the tally to 110 top-flight wins. Takahisa Fujinami, meanwhile, had to settle… read more.

TrialGP 2019
Qualifying Round TGP5, Qualy   Gouveia

Toni Bou comes away from the qualifying round in Portugal on top. The Repsol Honda Team ace bagged a third ‘pole position’ of the campaign on the tough urban qualifying section in the centre of Gouveia. ‘Fujigas’ claimed the day’s third best time. It was a fine day’s qualifying for… read more.

TrialGP 2019
Preview Round TGP5, Preview   Gouveia

This coming weekend sees the fifth round of the TrialGP season to be held in Gouveia, Portugal with Repsol Honda Team looking to continue their fine spell of results. Parque Senhora dos Verdes, smack in the middle of the Sierra da Estrela, will this weekend (13th and 14th July) host… read more.

TrialGP 2018
Trial Round TGP 4   Gouveia

In Gouveia, Portugal today, Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou set yet another new record in the TrialGP World Championship: 100 victories. Bou established a 50% win ratio on the same day as reaching the new milestone of a 200th championship appearance. The triumph of Toni Bou today in Portugal… read more.

TrialGP 2018
Qualifying Round TGP 4, 1   Gouveia

Portugal today witnessed Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou achieve his second pole position of the season in what is his 200th world championship trial appearance. ‘Fujigas’ similarly rode the other Montesa Cota 4RT into a potential podium position after taking third spot in qualifying. The Repsol Honda Team riders… read more.

TrialGP 2018
Preview Round TGP 4, 1   Gouveia

After the triumph last week in Andorra, Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou is poised to compete in Sunday’s fourth date of the 2018 TrialGP World Championship calendar, clear leader in the general standings. The event marks the 200th GP outing for the eleven times world champion. Takahisa Fujinami will… read more.