Two faults on the final lap of an excessively easy trial undid Toni Bou’s previous good work on the first day of the Andorra Trial GP. The Repsol Honda Team rider had to settle for runner-up spot. Jaime Busto finished sixth and Takahisa Fujinami eighth.

After a look over the sections yesterday, Toni Bou correctly speculated that today’s race would be decided by a minimal margin due to simplicity of sections. He hit the nail on the head. After holding the lead – in a very tense trial thanks to the closeness on the scoreboard – a final disastrous round on the Montesa Cota 4RT, with two consecutive five-point faults, ruled out the chance of victory for Bou. Toni had finished the first lap with two marks and six on the second (including a fault in section eight) which left the Spaniard at the head of the table. The eleven marks of the final lap relegated the champion to second position some four points behind Adam Raga, the day’s eventual winner.

Toni Bou does, however, maintain a great margin at the top of the general rankings, 31 points ahead of second-place Raga.

Second for of the Repsol Honda Team squad today was rookie Jaime Busto, taking sixth place after a somewhat irregular trial which saw him score well on the second lap, but pick up too many marks on an error-filled final lap.

Takahisa Fujinami was ill-at-ease in the high-altitude sections and struggled to find the form in certain zones that he had demonstrated in previous outings. At one point in the battle for fifth place, the Japanese rider ended up in eighth overall after a disaster start of the last lap.

Tomorrow fans can look forward to the second and final day in Andorra, the sixth GP of the season, where riders will once more complete three laps of the twelve kilometre circuit in Sant Julià de Lòria. The organization has already announced changes to some of the twelve sections to make the route more demanding.

Toni Bou


Obviously I made more than the permitted amount of mistakes. In the first lap everything went well. But in the second and third, I made a couple of errors. All the riders are a bit annoyed because the judges didn’t apply the rules well either. The sections were too easy, and we don’t like that. Second place isn’t negative at all, because these are some important points for the championship.

Jaime Busto


A sixth place wasn’t a bad result, but I wanted to do better. I scored a few faults in what were easy sections and I improved a bit in some of the more difficult ones. I think that maybe the altitude and the heat had an effect and I’m not happy with the way I took some of the sections. Tomorrow I will try and improve on things and consequently get a better result.

Takahisa Fujinami


This Andorra Trial at altitude and high temperature was pretty difficult for all of us. The sections were changed around on every lap and the route was tricky. It’s my worst result this season and after the great spell that we’ve had, I didn’t expect to finish so far back. Tomorrow I hope to recuperate, to make it through the hazards well, so as not to pick up too many marks. The knee, however, has been perfect.

Private: Miquel Cirera

Team Manager

The trials make themselves complicated when they are too simple and easy. Errors cost dearly because it’s not possible to pull back from them. Today Toni made two faults where he shouldn’t have and he couldn’t make it up after. Adam continues to pressure, pushed hard and won it today. Tomorrow we will have to fight harder and better than this one.
Things didn’t work out well for Fujinami. We congratulated him for his effort in France, but we can’t do the same today. The races at altitude are never easy, but they are the same for everyone. There can be no excuses. As far as Busto is concerned, he’s at this level and is learning. He’s not happy because he didn’t do so well, and that’s a good thing. More effort tomorrow. He’s still in the leaning phase, so sixth isn’t bad.
Tomorrow we have to win. The team is in this championship to win races. They’ll have to come out more motivated and more forceful. Everyone has got to do better.

Trial 2015
Trial Round T6 , Trial 1   Sant Julia de Loria

Results Day 1 GP Trial Andorra

Pos. Rider Num Nation L1 L2 L3 T3 Champ Team Constructor Points
1 Raga Adam 2 SPA 6 4 3 1 20 Gas Gas Factory Team Gas Gas 14
2 Bou Toni 1 SPA 2 6 11 1 17 Repsol Honda Team Montesa 20
3 Fajardo Jeroni 4 SPA 8 11 8 2 15 Beta Factory Racing Beta 29
4 Cabestany Albert 3 SPA 1 21 10 2 13 Sherco Factory Team Sherco 34
5 Casales Jorge 7 SPA 17 16 25 11 Beta Factory Racing Beta 58
6 Busto Jaime 15 SPA 21 15 26 10 Repsol Honda Team Montesa 62
7 Ferrer Alexandre 8 FRA 24 8 22 9 9 Sherco Factory Team Sherco 63
8 Fujinami Takahisa 5 JPN 18 21 26 8 Repsol Honda Team Montesa 65
9 Moret Francesc 18 SPA 32 26 27 2 7 Vertigo Factory Team Vertigo 87
10 Tarres Pol 9 SPA 32 30 31 6 Sherco Factory Team Sherco 93
11 Kadlec Franz 16 GER 34 21 28 12 5 Beta Factory Racing Beta 97
12 Dabill James 6 GBR 31 31 40 8 4 Vertigo Factory Team Vertigo 110
13 Karlsson Eddie 14 SWE 36 40 45 4 3 Montesa Team Karlsson Montesa 125
14 Sheppard Jack 13 GBR 46 34 36 13 2 Jgas JTG 132
15 Pedersen Hakon 12 NOR 43 52 45 11 1 Ossa Pedersen Ossa 151
Location Information

Race format until 2020 10 sections x 3 laps
Race format from 2021 12 sections x 2 laps

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