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Race format 15 sections x 2 laps

Pietramurata, Trento, Italia - View in Google Maps


Podium 2018 Toni Bou - Adam Raga - Jeroni Fajardo
Podium 2017 Toni Bou - Adam Raga - Jaime Busto
TrialGP 2019
Trial Round TGP1, Race   Pietramurata

Toni Bou becomes the first leader of the 2019 TrialGP World Championship after achieving a notable victory in a trial made complicated by the delicate state of the competition terrain. Team-mate Takahisa Fujinami earned a well-deserved sixth position after displaying good form. The opening of the FIM TrialGP World Championship… read more.

TrialGP 2019
Qualifying Round TGP1   Pietramurata

Takahisa Fujinami and Toni Bou turned out a surprise result in the first qualifying round of the 2019 TrialGP season held today in Pietramurata (Italy), with all the riders finishing with the maximum score. The heavy rain which fell today at the OffRoad Park in Pietramurata wreaked havoc the start… read more.

TrialGP 2019
Preview Round TGP1, Preview   Pietramurata

This coming weekend the battle for the 2019 FIM TrialGP World Championship gets underway as Pietramurata di Dro, Italy, plays host to Toni Bou, who sets off on the path to conquer a thirteenth consecutive outdoor trial world title. This weekend, May 25th and 26th, just a couple of weeks… read more.

TrialGP 2018
Trial Round TGP 8   Pietramurata

With seven out of a possible nine wins for Toni Bou, the TrialGP World Championship has concluded. The Repsol Honda Team rider wrapped up the campaign with a further triumph in the Italian TrialGP at the OffRoad Park in Pietramurata. Team-mate Takahisa Fujinami confirmed a sixth place final position in… read more.

TrialGP 2018
Qualifying Round TGP 8   Pietramurata

Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou seized his fifth pole position of the season in the premiere night qualifying round held in the OffRoad Park in Pietramurata, Italy. Takahisa Fujinami set the tenth fastest time. Toni Bou proved to be the fastest rider as trial disputed its maiden qualifying round… read more.

TrialGP 2018
Preview Round TGP 8, Preview   Pietramurata

Toni Bou and his Repsol Honda Team comrade, Japanese rider Takahisa Fujinami, will this weekend face the final hurdle as the 2018 TrialGP World Championship arrives in Italy. Bou has already sealed the title, but Fujinami can still improve upon his overall position. The world championship calendar draws to a… read more.

TrialGP 2017
Trial Round TR8, 1   Pietramurata

The Repsol Honda Team rider claimed victory in the final event of the FIM TrialGP World Championship season in Italy. Jaime Busto rounds off the world championship in third overall position. Rain this morning made for a tricky passage through some demanding sections, but Toni Bou, taking it all in… read more.

TrialGP 2017
Qualifying Round TR8, 1   Pietramurata

The Pietramurata Off Road Park today witnessed the final qualifying round of the 2017 TrialGP world championship season which concludes tomorrow. Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou once again took pole position. The world champion, the third rider to start qualifying, clocked 25.43 seconds on the stopwatch to become the… read more.

TrialGP 2017
Preview Round TR8, 1   Pietramurata

This weekend sees the close of the FIM TrialGP World Championship calendar in Italy. Toni Bou arrives as the newly-crowned world champion. Jaime Busto and Takahisa Fujinami, however, have yet to secure their final overall positions. After a recent spate of headlines in Repsol Honda Team’s communications, Toni Bou, for… read more.