Round four of the FIM X-Trial World Championship gets underway this Sunday, February 2, at Barcelona’s unique Palau Sant Jordi venue. Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou arrives the clear leader of the indoor calendar after winning the opening three events.

The pearl of Montjuic’s Olympic mountain complex, will once again, form the battleground for the X-Trial World Championship. Toni Bou will have his sights firmly set on the top rung of the Palau Sant Jordi podium, a position the current champion has occupied on no less than twelve previous occasions.

The Repsol Honda Team rider, who has claimed victory in all three of the indoor season events so far, is riding high on confidence after the work done over recent weeks. Since the previous date in Budapest, Toni Bou has upped the intensity of preparations so as to arrive at indoor trial’s marquee event on top form.

The three previous victories mean that Bou sits on a tally of 60 points in the general standings, 15 points ahead of the nearest second-place rider.

The Barcelona X-Trial, on his 42th edition, opens its doors to spectators at 16:00, with the competition getting underway at 17:00 with the presentation of the eight participating riders. Round one, at 17:15, will feature the participation of all eight competitors. The second phase, comprising the six top riders who will face off in two groups, is scheduled to commence at 18:30, while the Grand Final will begin at 19:20. The prize-giving podium is scheduled for 19:45.

Toni Bou

The home trial is always a special one and even more so this year. We have been training hard over recent days to be able to tackle the rivals and regain the throne of the most important event of the year. We know that it will be difficult because there is a high level among all the participants involved, but I have faith that the sections of Palau Sant Jordi will be demanding enough to give the fans the show that they deserve.

Location Information

First edition 1978
Location Palau Sant Jordi (from 1991)
Seats 15.000 (all seats full)
Organization RPM-MKTG

Palau Sant Jordi, Passeig Olímpic, Barcelona, España - View in Google Maps


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