CET 2016
Trial Round CET4, Trial 1   Carnota

The Repsol Honda Team has managed this Sunday its fourth consecutive victory in the championship of Spain which was held in Carnota, A Coruña. Sorry. The English version of this report is not available. Can you check it in Spanish.

Trial 2016
Trial Round T8, Trial 2   Italy

After yesterday’s overwhelming triumph, where Toni Bou sealed a tenth outdoor title and a twentieth world championship, today the Repsol Honda Team was back with a another win. Teammate Takahisa Fujinami took the world championship bronze. Repsol Honda Team wrapped up the 2016 season with a notable day out on… read more.

Trial 2016
Trial Round T8, Trial 1   Italy

Toni Bou’s status as a trial legend increases as he adds a new trophy to the silverware collection, rounding off a perfect decade for the Repsol Honda Team ace. With one trial still to run before the close of the 2016 world championship, the Repsol Honda Team rider mathematically sealed… read more.

Trial 2016
News Round T8, 1   Italy

Toni Bou 2016 FIM TRIAL WORLD CHAMPION With one trial still to run before the end of the 2016 season, Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou has mathematically sealed the FIM Trial World Championship title in Chiampo, Italy.   NEWS FLASH! Toni Bou has clinched the 2016 FIM Trial World… read more.

Trial 2016
News Round T8, 2   Italy

Toni Bou has won the individual FIM Trial World Championship consecutively from 2007 to 2015 (9 titles) and the FIM X-Trial from 2007 to 2016 (10 titles). In addition to the individual titles there are the 12 FIM Trial De Naciones titles. Bou has participated with Spain in the Trial… read more.

Trial 2016
Preview Round T8, Preview 1   Italy

The 2016 FIM Trial World Championship wraps up this weekend in Italy with a crucial date for Toni Bou and the Repsol Honda Team. The Montesa Cota 4RT rider is on the verge of a championship win that will increase his status as the most-garlanded world champion. Sitting on a… read more.

Trial 2016

Japanese Repsol Honda Team rider Takahisa Fujinami was this week operated on for a significant left hand injury sustained during the Trial Urbain de Carpentras in France last Saturday. Takahisa Fujinami fell during the seventh edition of the Trial Urbain in Carpentras, France, fracturing the scaphoid bone in his left… read more.

Trial 2016
Trial Round T7, Trial 2   Tong

The Repsol Honda Team rider scores a tenth win in the Trial World Championship as he nears another world title. Takahisa Fujinami remains in the third spot. The seventh GP of the trial calendar finished with yet another victory for Toni Bou who once again proved himself to be unreachable.… read more.

Trial 2016
Trial Round T7, Trial 1   Tong

A mighty Toni Bou, once again showing all the hallmarks of a champion, sealed victory in the British GP while Montesa took the manufacturer’s prize reaching a tally of 200 triumphs. Toni Bou showed his true colours and impeccable style to win a complicated trial. Rain, on the eve of… read more.

Trial 2016
Preview Round T7, Preview 1   Tong

Toni Bou, Takahisa Fujinami and Jaime Busto, the Repsol Honda Team factory trio, this weekend face a crunch test in the British Isles. A result in the seventh grand prix of the series could help to expedite a tenth championship outdoor title for Bou. Toni Bou of Repsol Honda Team,… read more.